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Why WordPress is better than Joomla?

When starting with a blog what is the most important factor you must look for?Apart from anything it should be the selection of the best content management system!

There is completely no doubt in the fact that there are not many that you will find! But then again whatever you will get your hands on is comparable.Two of the most sought after platforms any day are Joomla and WordPress and this is only why comparing between the same is oh so natural.

If you are not able to decide which one to choose, then let us work with a comparison parameter to understand the difference between the two.

The comparison of Joomla and WordPress:

The comparison of the Joomla and the WordPress can be easily made when considering the following parameters:

  • The Plugins:

There is completely no doubt in the fact that the plugins are necessary for any CMS. When we come to the debate, then we have to remember that both of these offer you with an N number of plugins.But somehow the plugins from Word Press works more than that of the Joomla. Also, these are many in number and more efficient for the people. These plugins can work the best for the people and also there are many that one can choose from.

  • The responsiveness:

Being responsive is really necessary for the CMS nowadays. There is completely no doubt in that fact that in this technically advanced world, people are not going to work on any one device.This is only why when you are comparing the two platforms then this is one feature that you need to check with. While both have great responsiveness, yet WordPress being more used and more famous some how tend to work with all the devices more. It is one reason why the people can get through with the best results with the same.

  • The security:

As already mentioned, WordPress is more famous and used more. It is assumable that the security threats to it are equally real. If you are considering thefeature seriously, then Joomla can be termed as one of the more secured CMS for you.

But then again, WordPress has to maintain the security features. And they are gaming up their stances for the same. The security features thus remain the debatable topic for the future, but for now the Joomla has managed to assure the position here.

  • The support system:

Both the CMS works towards creating a great platform for the people. For example, when it comes to thecomparison then both the sites can be said to work the best.But as the WordPress really have more amount of consumers on the same, they work more on the support system. It is not that Joomla has no support system. But when it comes to a strong and efficient one, then the vote goes to the WordPress any day.

The final decision:

Deciding between these two will be really difficult considering there are other important factors too. But then again, until now these are the main few factors that can be considered as the best and taken help of as well.

Deciding from the same, we can easily tell that WordPress suits the people more than any other CMS platform for sure.

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