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What makes Sunglasses with Press Polished Lenses better?

Most of the lenses you find in sunglasses are manufactured using a technique known as vacuum forming. This is when a sheet of plastic is heated until pliable and then sucked onto a mould. The vacuum suction means the plastic takes the shape of the mould, and the result is a curved lens that’s the same thickness at every point – including the edges. Unfortunately, lenses made this way can distort your vision and interfere with the perception of size, shape and distances. Of course, your eye will try to compensate for the problem, as eyes do, but this can potentially result in eye strain.

Oakley sunglasses use a different process called press polishing. It’s difficult to do, but that’s something that their technical engineers relish, and something that the company is well known for. To date, they are the only company to produce sunglasses this way, and here’s why. When produced like this, the lens is curved, but it’s also tapered at the edges so you can clearly see objects whether you’re looking directly through the optical centre of the lens or glancing to the side. These lenses are optically fine-tuned so your vision is more accurate, and your eyes can relax, too.

In turn, this means that the company is well known for glasses that are used in a variety of sports. From fishing to golf, baseball to soccer, there’s a good chance that if you see a professional wearing sunglasses whilst competing, they are made by Oakley.

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