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The best tips to pack baby change bags or nappy bags – Including all the essentials

If you’re a new mom, you will have to come to terms with the fact that gone are those good old days when you went out of the house with only your purse, keys and your phone in a small handbag. Now that you’re a parent, even though you may go out for the shortest trip for minimum 5 hours with your baby, you will require a huge kit of all the essentials for your baby.

The main purpose of nappy bags is definitely to carry all sorts of equipments which your baby needs while on-the-go. When you’re packing for a newborn, the thumb rule is certainly to pack 1 nappy for an hour when you’re going out. As he grows up, you will get more acquainted with how often he requires a nappy change. Now, what are the ways in which you can pack your changing bag like a pro? We have listed few tips. Check them out.

#1: Include the basics

Wipes, changing mat, enough nappies, nappy bags, muslin, cream and tissues are few of the key basics that may sound simple but that are extremely vital. Before you leave your house with your baby, make sure you check the nappy bag so that you don’t confidently move out with an empty nappy bag.

#2: Carry an apple

This depends on the age of your kid but in case they’re at a weaning stage, then carrying an easy fruit is often the best option to make them eat something that’s good for health. You can also cut grapes or carry blueberries but apple seems to be their best flavor. Get yourself small containers which have lids.

#3: Enough clothes for several changes

Changing clothes is vital, especially during leaky accidents. Don’t forget to carry an extra vest as that’s the piece of cloth to fall back on when there is a sudden leak of pee or poop when you’re out of your house. So, instead of stuffing them inside the washing machine, make sure they’re inside your bags.

#4: Medicines

These are needed during unfortunate accidents but it is rather important to remember that Calpol sachets along with a spoon are extremely necessary. You may also carry teething sachets with gel which is yet another handy option for babies between 3 months of age and 2 years.

#5: Food

Their favorite is milk, either from you or from a bottle but you should also carry water within a tippy cup especially when you’re out with your baby. Plan mentally for the number of meals that you will be out for and henceforth bring few more nibbles like oatcakes, raisons or rice cakes in case you think you take longer time than expected. The ultimate goal should be to keep the little one satisfied and happy.

Therefore, whenever you’re wondering about the different ways in which you can pack your changing bag while going out with your baby, take into account the above mentioned essentials.

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