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Paul Marciano’s Journey

Paul Marciano comes from a long family of rabbis. Him and his brothers grew up in an apartment inside a complex of synagogues and the Jewish Boy Scouts (eclaireurs Israelites de France), to which all the brothers belonged.

Motorcycle Accident

At age 15, Paul and a friend were involved in a motorcycle accident when they were crushed by a moving vehicle. He spent seven months in a wheelchair. Finally, he regained full use of his limbs after a year and a half but was not re-accepted at school due to his long absence.

When Paul was 17 he started working as a salesman in a jeans store, and on Saturdays and Sundays, he worked in a club checking coats with his brothers Georges, who was at the front door and Maurice, who was in the bar.

At that time, Georges, his brother, began to design ties. Maurice started working with him making the ties, and Paul would sell the designs in Paris, coming and going, until he sold them all. After succeeding with the Ties they started making women’s blouses. one style, one size, one color: all white.

Their success led to the opening of the 4 brother’s company MGA – Maurice, Georges, Armand.

They continued with the blouses and began to make dresses in the same concept they did with blouses: one size, one style, different fabrics, and different prints. They started selling jeans washed to the stone in 1976, when they already had twenty stores.

In October 1977, the brothers went on a week and a half vacation to the Beverly Hilton hotel in L.A., at the end staying for a month and a half. Before leaving, they bought a condominium and signed leases for two stores. Three weeks later, Georges returned and stayed there with Maurice. Two years later, after closing their business in France, Armand and Paul arrived.

Guess established

They started Guess- fashion for women first and then continued to men, baby and accessories.

Guess was a huge success from the beginning.

Paul was in charge of the marketing and advertising and his ads were world known and made the GUESS even more famous since it was so unique and different from what it was usually like.

Guess was made public in 1996. However, it is still a family owned business, dominated by a family. Paul and his brothers, Maurice, Georges and Armand had a say about everything concerning their company.

More Information

You can read more information about Paul here:

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