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Get Familiar with The Features and Types of Freestanding Cookers

Freestanding cookers are cost-effective cooking solution because they come all wrapped with a hob, grill, and oven in a single product. Many brands of cookers are available but each one is different.

Cooker size

Standard size of freestanding cooker is 60 cm wide. Height and depth of each one is roughly the same designed to match standard kitchen’s worktops. You can even find cooker models 50 cm and 55 cm in width, go for if you are tight on space.

Types of cooker

  • Gas cooker – Gas is the cheap option for cooking but in some households cooking costs impact on energy bills is relatively small.
  • Electric cooker – If you stick to electricity, if there is a wiring for it in the kitchen.
  • Dual fuel cooker – Advance technology has offered dual fuel cooker with gas hob and electric over.
  • Electric induction cooker – It has an electric induction hob and electric oven. Induction hob is speedy than conventional electric or gas hobs.

 Features to look for in freestanding cooker


Timer is worth to pay for as it is handy to keep track of the cooking time.


Touch controls offer sleek look to a freestanding cuisinière [cooker]. These can be cleaned easily. If you have kids then opt for child lock options to stop the small wandering hands.

Automatic ignition

When you push the knob gas burners automatically ignite, which is convenient to use as both hands are not needed.

Catalytic self-cleaning 

This feature is more appealing in cooker. Catalytic self-cleaning liner absorb the splashes and spills. They break and burn them off during high temperature cooking.

It means, if something spills you don’t have to wipe the sides. Your oven is kept grime-free with less effort. Liners are found on the roof, back, or sides of the oven.

Flame supervision device

A good safety feature, which shuts the gas supply if burner gets blown out or fails to ignite. Majority of gas cookers are equipped with this safety feature but it is worth to double-check.

Multi-function oven

You can cook with different heat sources in combination or independently. For example, fan and grill together for cooking thick fish or meat pieces nicely.

Programmable ovens

Turn cooker on, program cooking time and the unit gets turned off, when food is cooked.

Pyrolytic self-cleaning

Heat the oven to 500֯C, so as to burn solidified spillages on the walls. Afterwards sweep the ashes manually with a soft cloth and not scouring sponges or metal pads.

Thermostat indicator

Electric cookers are equipped with a light, which automatically turns off when the oven attains desired temperature.

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