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Five Kinds of Candle Boxes that can Truly Grab Attention

A lot of people love candles because of the romantic, elegant, and soothing quality of these products. Also, candles are available in a variety of shapes, designs, and scents. Gone were the days when only women are attracted to candles. These days, men can pick candles in masculine scents such as sandalwood, cedar, musk, beers, smoke, and others. Candle manufacturers have a lot of options to make their candles more attractive using the best packaging boxes. These options include the following:

Customized Boxes

Masculine scented candles help men enjoy a relaxing moment. In terms of their packaging, there are plenty of margins to get creative. These boxes can be kept simple, funny, formal, and whatever suits the preferences of buyers. They eliminate the need to stick to stereotype floral feminine patterns that are standard for women.


Tuck-in Boxes

These boxes are quite convenient to use and shoppers like them. They provide an excellent setting for the logo of a company. Tuck-in boxes for candles can be designed with both traditional and contemporary ideas, based on the tastes and preferences of the targeted shoppers. Also, flip top or tuck top boxes are best for customers who appreciate reusable items.

Gift Boxes

Scented candles are popular gift items which boast a neutral appeal. They are available in affordable prices and anyone will love them. Candle makers must have gift candles for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and others. The packaging of the gift makes a difference in the overall appeal of the gift itself.

Stylish Boxes

Candle boxes can be styled with trays, sleeves and other ways. With this increased appeal, they will be more appealing to shoppers who wish to purchase products in bulk. In terms of bundling, it is always fine to play with packaging ideas because there are a lot of ways to mix and match the boxes’ looks. Also, glossy, metallic, or embossed ornamentation on the boxes will improve the look of the boxes.

Window Boxes

These boxes are perfect for candles that have exquisite designs. It only makes sense to let shoppers see these designs even before they open the box. With window boxes, the candles themselves do the talking for their makers. Shoppers just have to take a look and make a purchasing decision. Also, selling candles online will require these boxes to allow shoppers to see the actual products.

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