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Cleaning the Oven while Taking Safety Measures

No matter how frequent you use your ovens or cuisinieres, you want to make sure it is clean and well-maintained. A clean oven will serve its purpose for the longest possible time. Repairs are often costly and you will want to avoid buying a new one after just a few times of using your oven. If you want to extend the life of your oven, consider the tips below:

Clean it on a Regular Basis

Cleaning the oven should be done after your use it. Spills and some debris can be left inside the oven after baking or roasting something. You don’t want to leave these behind unattended as they can damage your oven over time.

Some ovens have a self-cleaning feature that you can benefit from. But, make sure you open the windows as it can get really hot. Once the self-cleaning cycle is completed, allow the oven to cool for about 6 hours before you wipe it down.

Do Not Remove the Knobs

While cleaning the oven, it is not recommended to open the knob of the cooktop. Otherwise, you might have to call for a repair service. Don’t think of pulling them off and spraying the area with a cleaning solution because this can douse an electrical system that could electrocute you.

Check the Gas Line for Damages

This replacement is important if you buy a new gas oven.  The gas line has to deal with lots of movements as you switch ovens. Plus, vibrations can make the gas line leak. Replacing the gas line doesn’t cost you a lot and increases your safety.

Make Sure the Oven is Not Plugged when Cleaning it with Water

If you are planning to clean the exterior of your oven by hand, make sure to unplug it. While you may have to use lots of water in the process, you want to take safety measures to avoid a possible electrocution.

Clean the outside of the oven by spraying a mixture of water and baking soda over the oven. Then, wipe it with dish soap to eliminate the grease. Go over other areas with a mix of water and vinegar to maintain the shine and kill germs.

Check the Burners

Coil burners could deform and must be replaced when damaged. If you see a strangely red small spot o the coil, it could indicate it is shorting out. This could result in serious damages to the burners and the oven.

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