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5 Mens Fashion Jeans Every Guy in His 30s Should Own

So, you’ve spent some time in your twenties figuring out what your personal style is all about. You might’ve even splurged on some tacky fashion fads, only to learn that some items just aren’t worth the money. Now that you’re in your thirties, you’re feeling more confident in finding the right pieces that’ll fit your wardrobe, and shopping independently online at stylish menswear stores like Differio. Among the must-have men’s clothing styles, you’ve probably learned by now that mens fashion jeans are the one item that’ll never fade in fashion.

Designer jeans for men are a style staple that every guy in his thirties needs, but not every guy knows which jeans are worth splurging on. There are actually five basic men fashion jeans that look great on virtually every guy and they’re just as easy to match with your favorite tops. We broke it down by what fit, detail, style, brand and wash every guy in his thirties should at least consider.

  1. Fit: slim fit jeans

While we’re not bashing the fit of mens tapered jeans or straight fit jeans by any means, mens slim fit jeans are probably the most flattering fit for every body type. They’re not overly tight like super skinny jeans, but at the same time still hug your legs where it counts. Since they’re tailored to give your legs that slimming effect, they look just as polished when paired with mens slim fit shirts. Moreover, we’re also aware that there’s no such thing as mens fashion jeans in one size fits all. So, if your legs are super slim, we suggest choosing mens skinny jeans instead in order to get the same effect.

  1. Detail: ripped jeans

You’re actually never too old for ripped jeans for men. Although there are some naysayers that continue to debate this issue, you really just need to use your discretion in order to pull off this look. For example, mens ripped jeans probably wouldn’t be the best choice for a business meeting, unless your workplace allows it. If you’re still feeling iffy about mens fashion jeans with distressed accents, you can always start gradually by choosing ripped jeans with only a few shreds. Once you’re more comfortable with how to wear ripped jeans, don’t be afraid to go bolder with all-over shredding.

  1. Style: denim overalls

Trendy denim overalls for men might come off a little youthful, but that’s also another reason why men in their thirties can still pull this off. There are actually plenty of celebrities that wear denim overalls on and off the red carpet and look really sleek doing it. If you’re going for a put-together look, you can pair slim-fit overalls with a crisp, button-down shirt. For a more casual approach, you can pair your denim overalls for men with a slim fit t-shirt and stylish sneakers.

  1. Brand: Kingz Jeans

Among all the denim brands that are now trending, Kingz Jeans has the trendiest variety of mens designer jeans that guys of any age can pull off. They carry both bold and classic styles, but even their more traditional jeans are designed with a unique twist. What’s so great about these mens fashion jeans is they’re usually created with the most unique silhouettes that you can’t find in normal department stores. For instance, their “screwballer” jean comes with metal screws on the fly that add an industrial touch to stone washed jeans. The one store that actually stays up to date with Kingz is Differio.com, but we also recommend browsing their other denim brands for similar styles.

  1. Wash: dark wash jeans

As opposed to light wash jeans, there’s something about dark wash jeans that look higher end. Similar to men’s black jeans, you can get away with wearing these dark-colored mens fashion jeans to more formal occasions and still look polished. Dark-wash designer jeans for men are also a great way to give the illusion of slimmer legs. If you’re going to wear these cool jeans for guys to a special event, make sure you choose a pair that’s more understated without loud embroidery or patches.

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